Martial Arts (all disciplines). Unlimited instruction and training facilities. All year round daily training and practice with pay . Free accommodation and meals. Available anywhere in the world, all travel paid for. Free state of the art health education and medical services included.

No it's not too good to be true; but it isn't true yet. It could be true ONE DAY for anyone to enjoy and take advantage of. There would be a price to pay,  but it's not by any means a catch. In exchange for all of the above benefits and more there would of necessity be a service to perform:-

 Keeping the Peace.

Sword of Peace

The principle of the Sword of peace is that one man holding a sword can prevent twenty others without one from fighting.

But who will have the character, wisdom and integrity to wield it?

Sword of Peace is intended to be a program of character development aimed primarily for potential soldiers and cadets in preparation for service in any international peacekeeping army as outlined in the website.

Sword of Peace is not going to be a religion. It will  not consist of any form of worship or religious sacraments, it is however a spiritual path based on nurturing the spirit by cultivating strength of character and comprehending truth.

Although the object of Sword of Peace will be to bring about a new order of World Peace, it also will serve to maintain the strength of character and abilities that men have displayed throughout history as a result of being involved in warfare. Its eventual purpose will be both to keep peace but at the same time uphold the same virtues as history has seen in such examples as the Spartans of Greece, the English army at the battle of Agincourt, and other heroic conflicts of which the second world war is a good illustration. Sword of Peace will not be for the weak-willed or the feint-hearted; it will involve making sacrifices, and being prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice. It will include as part of its curriculum a section on dying and death.

Who can apply?

The new order for world peace as outlined in the website: is probably still a long way down the line. It needs sponsorship for its promotion and accomplishment. At the same time it is necessary to create a repository of the wisdom, training and educational material that will make it viable and able to work some time in future. Martial arts students of all disciplines will be able to appreciate most the potential for human development of the organisation that will be created to accomplish and maintain world peace. Although they may not benefit themselves (in this incarnation anyway) from being part of the world peace army, they can benefit from having access to and being the repository for the wisdom, training and educational material necessary to realise its fullest potential. Individual martial arts students and clubs can receive this material from which they can benefit in terms of cultivating the optimum health they need to get the best from their art, as well as participating in a wisdom and philosophy that will both strengthen character and ability to deal with life's problems, but above all facilitate the all important comprehension of what all religion and philosophy is supposed to be founded on...the plain and simple truth.

In exchange for a minimal financial consideration to support the cause outlined in , martial arts students anywhere can participate in what is intended to be the finest health education program and dispensation of wisdom and philosophy that has ever been presented.

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